Alisa Grafton

Scrivener Notary public

Alisa Grafton is an experienced Scrivener Notary Public, who qualified as a general Notary Public in 2005 and as a Scrivener Notary in 2007. Since 2012 she held partnerships at two large long-established firms of Scrivener Notaries in London.

Alisa is currently the Notarial Practice Course lead at the UCL, and a qualified (non-practising) Civil law lawyer. She became the first Russian national in the history of the profession to qualify as a Scrivener Notary Public.

As part of her qualification process, she spent part of her studies living and working in Madrid, Spain, and now carries out general notarial work, as well as specialises in Russian-language and Spanish-language matters. She counts prominent companies and firms among her clients and is passionate about delivering the highest calibre of service to her valued clientele.

Outside of notarial practice, Alisa is a professional speaker and expert on networking, with the focus on lawyers and the legal profession. She is the author of “Great Networking: The Art and Practice of Building Authentic Professional Relationships” (LID Publishing, 2022), that became the finalist of Business Book Awards 2023.

Alisa Grafton